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Appeal for Sponsors and
Donors for Jerad's Next CD

Just when you think that you've had enough of the music biz and that there just aren't any more songs to write (that haven't already been written by someone else), along comes a tailwind of inspiration with captivating new guitar progressions, sweet melodies and engaging lyrical ideas. And the romance starts all over again.

I'm excited about all the new songs that have been coming through this year. There are a few more taking shape as I write this, all vying for position on the new Jerad MacLean recording project. With so many great compositions in the pipeline, I'm compelled and excited to get them into the recording studio as soon as possible.

Few people know how much time, effort, sacrifice, dedication and resources it takes to produce a CD at this level. To produce a set of songs with great production quality is a very expensive endeavor, and if the artist is his own self-produced, independent label, the expense rests entirely on his shoulders.

For the most part, a singer/songwriter makes his living by performing live concerts and selling CDs. Besides the tens of thousands of dollars it can take to produce a great CD, there has to be funding to promote the project once it's done. In the "big leagues", just as much (if not more) money is needed for marketing as for recording, musician's fees, studio time and producer's fees. And again, until an independent performing artist can get support from a larger recording label, he's on his own.

I've just completed an extensive video for YouTube and Santa Fe 400th anniversary (New Mexico), featuring the song "Moon Over Santa Fe" from my current album "When We Meet Again". You may wonder why I'm selling this video as a stand-alone DVD if you can see it on this site or on YouTube. There are several reasons: first, to help raise funding to finance the next CD project; second, to boost my visibility as a recording artist; and third, to reintroduce my current CD which has never been offered or promoted over the internet before now.

The purchase of this high-definition DVD and the CD "When We Meet Again", would be your support for bringing my new songs to the world. The sound track on the DVD "Moon over Santa Fe" is CD quality (full 16 bit/44100 .AIFF format instead of compromised MP3), and the video will fill your TV or video/computer screen in high-resolution, breathtakingly beautiful scenes. Also, there are two versions of the song “Moon Over Santa Fe” on the DVD. One video uses the original soundtrack from the CD “When We Meet Again”, and there is a second video using the newly remixed version of the same song. Two videos (same footage) plus two versions of the song - all on one DVD.

My supporters/advisors and I have been brainstorming how to raise the necessary funding to bring you a great new Jerad MacLean album. The idea of corporate sponsors has come up, and if you know of any who might be willing to support the arts in this way, I would love to hear from you. My goal is to raise $60,000.

All sponsors would be included in the actual CD packaging, mentioned by name, logo and website URL (if desired), and on this website (; you could have the option of being listed on my Facebook and/or MySpace page with deep gratitude for your contribution; receive CDs before they are officially released to the public; and receive my current CD and DVD of the "Moon Over Santa Fe" video. And all sponsors and donors would be invited to the new CD release concert and celebration.

Here's a more detailed breakdown of Sponsorship and what each would receive in return, with much gratitude:

$5000+ Titanium Sponsor (would receive all of the above, a private concert in your town (certain restrictions will apply, TBD) + up to 100 new prerelease CDs

$3000+ Platinum Sponsor would receive all of the above, a private concert in your town (certain restrictions will apply, TBD) + up to 60 new prerelease CDs

$1500+ Gold Sponsor would receive all of the above, + up to 30 new prerelease CDs

$1000+ Silver Sponsor would receive current (signed if desired) CD, Moon Over Santa Fe DVD + up to 20 new prerelease CDs

$500+ Bronze Sponsor would receive current signed (signed if desired) CD, Moon Over Santa Fe DVD + 10 prerelease CDs

$200+ Copper Sponsor would receive current signed (signed if desired) CD, Moon Over Santa Fe DVD + 4 new prerelease CDs

$100+ Mercury Sponsor would receive current signed (signed if desired) CD, Moon Over Santa Fe DVD + 2 new prerelease CDs

$50+ Iron Sponsor would receive current signed (signed if desired) CD, Moon Over Santa Fe DVD

Individual donations would also be immensely appreciated at any denomination. You would also be listed with a big "thank you" on my web site.

Additionally, we came up with the "Sponsor a Song" option. This sponsorship would adopt a song from the CD title lineup (TBD when the writing is complete) and finance the recording and production of that song from beginning to completion. Each song will require different production considerations, so costs will vary. Please contact me to discuss this plan. If you are a business owner, that song could be used by your company in any promotional way it found feasible, and thus be tax-deductible.

There could be many other ways we can be associated. I'm open to hearing your thoughts and ideas. If interested or have leads or suggestions, or any other great promotional ideas, please contact me with any information you might have to help out.

Please donate through PayPal, or by sending a check or money order to:

Jerad MacLean
301 Eagle Ridge
Watsonville, CA 95076


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