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“I've heard this artist sing his songs unaccompanied for many years. Now with the addition of these wonderful musicians and the beautiful arrangements, the songs have been lifted to an even higher level of enjoyment. Jerad's singing is superb, the harmonies lush and soothing and the strings and piano fill the songs with sparkling wonder. I hope lots of folks will hear this marvelous music and feel the pleasure I've known all these years when listening to this most gifted artist.
   - Ted S., Royal Oak, MI

“I loved Jerad's album and his work; I think he's a gifted songwriter and guitarist. And the musicians are great. But I think what impressed me the most at first listen were the arrangements. Skillful and rich. 'Moon Over Santa Fe' is my runaway favorite so far; it transports me to Santa Fe. 'Make A Wish' and 'On Sacred Ground' are also terrific, as is the inclusion of the Native American flute. Jerad's lyrics are both thoughtful and though-provoking; food for repeated listenings.
   -  Natalie H., Los Gatos, CA

“I saw and heard your Moon Over Santa Fe video on YouTube last night and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. You are so very talented! Fabulous... I am still humming the music to myself today. You captured the essence of Santa Fe! And the expression of your soul shines!
   - Libby W., Sioux Falls, SD

Jerad Maclean

When We Meet Again CD

When We
Meet Again (CD)

Moon Over Santa Fe

Moon Over
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